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Wireless N Routers + Dongles - cheap!

Lost Persona

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Hello Aberdonians, up for sale are a few D-Link DIR 615 Wireless N Routers I've got lying around, brand new in their boxes.

These routers go for 60 on Dell's website, and are the router which Virgin Media customers get when they sign up for 50meg broadband, so you can imagine they are decent routers. Especially good for gaming, right now I've an Xbox 360 and a laptop connected wirelessly and the desktop hardwired without any drop or crashes, good wee routers!

Looking for 40 posted, but I might well entertain offers and trades, or meet folk in Glasgow with the routers(entirely your call...I imagine recorded delivery will be cheap, these are fairly light)

Also got a few paired D-Link DWA-140 Wireless N Dongles for sale too, 20 each OR 10 with a router - again, open to offers as well.

eBay is TheAssassins, thats really the only verification I can give, minus providing any information you guy would like...Or ask Keano, he knows me.



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