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Equip. for sale. Basses, Amp, Marshall 2x12s


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Right getting rid off this stuff as the folks have removed storage privilages and my flats too small.

Basses: Aria Pro II ZZB Deluxe (no case) 165 o.n.o

Explorer Shape, Double humbucker pickups, Blue/green to black sunburst.

Aria Pro II ZZb Deluxe Z (with custom case) 225 o.n.o

As above only in a funky Zebra paint affect.

Bass Amp: 165W Laney bass amp 15'' speaker. 150 o.n.o

Well its an amp what else can I say.

Cabs: Two Marshall 1970's 2x12 "bass organ" 75W Cabs. 150 o.n.o

Celestion G12 speakers, 8 ohm.

(I've used these with bass, guitar and for vocals and they've always sounded good to me)

Also if anyone is interested i have a 50W 4-input p.a that I've used with the cabs for vocals while practicing in a garage and for vocal and mic'd up acoustic guitar which I could throw in with the cabs for an extra 10.

Well thats it for now.

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