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Drum stuff wanted


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Hi Peeps,

Looking for a decent 2nd hand bass pedal single or double, and a decent throne


Dont want to pay a fortune for these as they are for my son but not keen on buying the budget crap new.

let me know what drum stuff you have lying around you want rid of and the price ( also look at sensibly priced kits or bits n pieces )


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Premier artist maple kit

Hi there,

Don't know if you saw my thread or not.

Selling my fantastic PREMIER Artist Maple kit - Colour: Rosewood

Excellent condition.

Anyone who is looking at this will know this is a quality drum kit.

Would make an excellent upgrade for someone from a starter kit.

This is a semi-professional kit for a low price.

Kit consists of:

22" Bass Drum

10", 12", 13", 14" Fast Toms (all with ISO Mounts)

16" Floor Tom (this lot cost me 700 new)

Premier Series Maple Snare Drum. (375 new)

Bass drum pedal, Hi-Hat Stand, snare stand, 3 Double Braced Boom Cymbal Stands

(Hardware cost around 400 new)

13" Sabian Hi-Hat Cymbals.

16" Sabian Crash Cymbal

18" Sabian AAX Crash/Ride

20" Sabian Ride

10" Paiste Splash

(Cymbals cost over 800 new)

All drums have new Aquarian heads on the top.

Bass drum has new Aquarian head (these were almost 250 a few months ago)

All drums (except floor tom) have soft cases.

HARDCASE for the hardware.

Hardcase for the cymbals.

(These were over 250 new)

Full kit is in excellent condition.

Selling For Bargain price of 750 but open to serious offers.


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