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Anyone seen any good mobile phone deals?


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Just having to find a new deal for my phone, having had a great deal through my work which has since been discontinued and I was wondering if anyone knew any good deals which are going at the moment. I've looked in the usual places (O2, Vodafone, Tesco), but I'm connecting to the internet through a shabby dongle at the moment so trawling through pages is a pain in the arse and I tend to give up pretty quickly!

To give you a rough idea what I'm looking for, I need the following:

Free handset - not too fussed about what it is - have always had Nokias, but would consider something else if it was free. I don't see the point in paying for a handset.

Unlimited texts

Somewhere between 300-500 free mins

No more than 35 per month- was paying about 18 so the less the better!

Anybody know of any good deals going? Either online or in stores is grand.

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You'll get that on a Dolphin 30 deal.

25 a month direct from Orange... you can get it for 30 from the high street stores with a bigger choice of newer/fancier phones but if you're not bothered about that check here Pay as you go mobile phones | Mobile deals | Orange shop you have to choose the phone before it lets you choose tariff but most of them aside from the top end phones will be free on dolphin 30. When choose a phone to to the option to show all tariffs and it will be under there as 'best for texting'. Basically it's 400 minutes and unlimited texts

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