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'Chris T-T on LSD' + Men Diamler + Clayton Blizzard, The Tunnels, Mon 26 October

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Vocoustics Promotions & Kabuki Promotions Presents:


Monday 26th October

The Tunnels

6 from 8pm


Acclaimed as the clearest voice of discontent in todays music industry, Chris T-T is one of the most consistent, vividly outspoken and fearless songwriters Britain has produced in the last 10 years.

This show will be slightly different than normal.. heres the LSD story.....


Rewind to November 2008

Bored, with his wife away, Chris T-T embarks upon a fascinating experiment: using basic digital home-recording gear, each day he tapes several hours of improvised piano, under the influence of hallucinogens. He then attempts to compose electronic music under the same conditions, using Garageband software on his MacBook.

Fast-forward to April 2009

Chris T-T is working on his next album proper, with songs written, demos supplied to management and label, schedules and plans taking shape.

However, one CDR of demos turns out to contain excerpts from his Acid Piano Experiments. Just as Chris is about to delete the tunes from his hard drive, some of those around him accidentally get the chance to hear excerpts of his original recordings. The music is mad and beautiful!

Despite the circumstances and the wrong implication that we may be in any way condoning the use of illegal hallucinogenic narcotics for any creative or psychedelic purpose, the decision has been taken that we cannot stand idly by, allowing these recordings to vanish un-aired. Yes! We must do no less than unleash a small number of the tunes as an EP (51 minutes long!!), on limited edition vinyl and digital download. We present, Chris T-T On LSD.

We have absolutely no idea what Chris is going to do about a live show!!

Just say no, kids. :up:

Men Diamler cannot be summed up with just one phrase, or just one performance and you will never forget having seen him live. He is an earthly hellraiser and spirit changer. He is a profound lyricist of sweetness and dark. He is an acoustic and experimental musician, but he is first and foremost a revolution in all these things. He brings an invigorating new edge to the singer-songwrtier genre, full of heartbreaking, near-operatic bellows....truly jawdropping!

"Has to be seen!" (BBC Radio Scotland)

"This guy is indescribable really. Amazing talent" (Fence Records)

"Brillaint!" Marc Reily (BBC6 Music)

"One of the greatest live acts in the country" (Stranger Songs)

Clayton Blizzard performs an intensely funny acoustic political hiphop with classical guitar riffs and rapping. Very entertaining, endearing and occasionally uncomfortably on the money.

"Cult figure on a steep ascent. Clayton Blizzard graces any stage with his humorous hip-hop flamenco. A unique and glorious performer, he has you in a headlock throughout. A few artists have you in stitches, fewer have you in tears. Clayton Blizzard masters both" (Remote Goat Magazine)




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