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Guitar gear for Sale


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Having a clear-out of stuff due to lack of use and space!! Will consider reasonable offers on any item. All items are in perfect working order but may have some surface marks. pictures can be provided on request.

Here's the list

TC Electronic G System

Marshall JMP1 preamp

Marshall EL34 50/50 PowerAmp (can also come with 4u Gator shock mounted rack case)

marshall PB100 (power attenuator) - Still in Box, never been used!!!!!

1974 Fender Twin Reverb (master volume) 100w Valve Amp

Mesa Boogie Mark series head cabinet (Black)

Fender Acoustasonic Junior DSP amp


Mesa Boogie 4x12 + 2x12 cabinets (ex-John Squire from Stone Roses. Used at Spike Island, Glasgow Green, The Late Show TV performance etc with original flight cases!!)


Boss FC-50 midi controller

Boss BF2 Flanger (Black Label vintage)

Boss CS3 compressor

Boss DS1 distortion

Boss DD6 Delay

Ibanez CS9 Chorus (vintage)

Ibanez TS9 Overdrive (vintage)

laney 30w Keyboard/Bass Amp

1969 Dallas Arbiter Fuzz Face (Silver) - Silicon circuit (vintage)

1990's Re-issue Dallas Arbiter Fuzz Face (Red) with Vintage parts - Germanium (great tone)

A +/or B boxes

+ various other related accessories..............

Please PM me for more info/offers etc


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