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The Blind Boys of Alabama


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The Blind Boys of Alabama

The Lemon Tree Lounge

Friday 13 November, doors 7.30pm

18/16 + bf

The word legendary is often bandied about, but in The Blind Boys of Alabama we truly are talking about legends of American music. They have been recording and performing together since the mid-1930s, blending gospel and blues standards. Pre-dating Elvis, Little Richard and Al Green to name but three, their influence has spread far and wide throughout the music industry.

In recent years they have been sweeping up Grammy Awards, had their tunes remixed for Moby's Play, performed and recorded with everyone from Peter Gabriel to Ben Harper and covered tunes by everyone from Prince to Tom Waits in their own inimitable style.

Oh, and they performed the theme tune to season one of The Wire! If that isn't kudos I don't know what is!

Tickets available from Aberdeen Box Office, 01224 6471122.

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Nae comps, Mr Austin! But this is a must.

Oh, and a wee bit more kudos for The Blind Boys - in the Coen Brother's comedy, O' Brother, Where Art Thou?, three of the original members are the grave diggers who turn up at the cottage towards the end of the film.

WOW! Their live show are or certainly used to be mighty impressive. They were pretty old when I last saw them, the surviving members must be getting on a bit.

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