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Ugly Duckling


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Sat 7th November -- Tunnel 1 -- Entry 5 -- Doors @10.30

Funk Machine Present:

Ugly Duckling + support from Maxfield


Az-I Cool DJs

Ugly Duckling has "Audacity". Since U.D. formed in 1993, Andy, Dizzy and Young Einstein have had the nerve to believe they should make it in the music business. Fiercely independent and musically idealistic, the trio from years. Despite the band's low media profile and often-changing label situations, they have built a unique and wide reputation for delivering soulful, humorous hip-hop and a white-hot live show. To look at them, one might not guess that this band has an accomplished resume of classic singles, consistent sales, critical acclaim, international t.v. and festival appearances and a busy travel schedule with the worn-out passport stamps to prove it but, somehow, they've made it happen.

Ugly Duckling on MySpace Music - Free Streaming MP3s, Pictures & Music Downloads

Maxfield provide support. Give this Soulful London 4 piece. They look like they'll put on an energetic show

MAXFIELD on MySpace Music - Free Streaming MP3s, Pictures & Music Downloads

DJ duties performed by the Az-I Cool DJs

Az-I Cool on MySpace Music - Free Streaming MP3s, Pictures & Music Downloads

This is a late start show, get down for around 10.30. Check out both groups if you haven't heard them before. Ugly Duckling are fantastic, and put on a great live show.

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We got this show as a late booking so it was surprising to get them up here on a Saturday night. I've heard these guys put on an awesome show, and listening to their music on myspace and youtube I see why, music full of energy.

This is the second night of Funk Machine shows this weekend. I was thinking that we might do a discount if you came to both shows - if you come to see the 27 Club on Friday you can get in to see Ugly Duckling for something like 3 instead of 5. If you are reading this can you say if you think this is a good idea so I can gauge interest. Gig going (and also putting on shows) is becoming more and more expensive so anything we can do to make it slightly easier on your wallet and encourage more people to attend then we're up for giving it a try.

Also any ideas that you have had as a gig goer to make things better please let us know, we want to make the nights as much fun as possible.



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fuckin a!

5 bucks?! damn!

need an opening DJ?

Unfortunately as it's a late one it's going to be a bit of a crush to fit in any more than what we have organised. If this night is a success then we'll look at doing other similar nights and made more of it, more DJs, MCs and stuff - so interest noted. This will have to be a success though.

Oh yeah and 5er is a total steal I think. I'm not greedy so making this as accessable as possible. I'd rather have bodies through the door than a fat wedge of cash in my pocket.

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Most likely, although to be honest, at 5 it is a steal enough as it is :)

It would however pull a greater crowd for Ugly Ducking. Is it in the 2nd Tunnel for Friday and 1st for Saturday?

It's actually in Drummonds on Friday night Tunnel 1 Saturday night. Mixing it up a bit.

Drink it all in, next year we're going to be cutting back on the Aberdeen shows. They will be further apart, every 3 months or so, but hopefully bigger acts. We'll be moving around the country as much as possible with Super Six so I probably won't have the time to spend organising a monthly thing.

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This has kind of snuck up on us! Get down to Tunnels tomorrow night to see this show.

Rough running times -

Maxfield on by about 11.15

Ugly Duckling on by about midnight.

these are subject to change but shouldn't deviate to much from this.

Az-I Cool DJs will fill the gaps and take you through until 3am.

Just a recap, 5 on the door.

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