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Funk Machine Present: The 27 Club 6th November


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The 27 Club and Super Six Funk Machine -- Drummonds -- Entry 4 -- Doors at 9pm+

DJ Alan Paterson

Funk Machine Proudly Present:


The 27 Club create an energetic live mix of hip hop, funk, jazz, soul and rock. entertain, play music we love and hopefully get across a positive social message.

Narc Review

"The energy in the Head of Steam was seriously intense, jam packed and slightly rowdy, but absolutely amazing. The 27 Club are a hip hop band, laden with funky rhythm and edged with a welcome slice of rock."

Regen Records - The Urban Record Label

THE 27 CLUB on MySpace Music - Free Streaming MP3s, Pictures & Music Downloads

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Possibly my worst post for a gig yet, I hit post instead of preview... woops!

This should be an exciting night, more high energy music it's what Funk Machine nights are all about.

Check out super six on Super Six Funk Machine on MySpace Music - Free Streaming MP3s, Pictures & Music Downloads

Finished the writing process on a new track last night... polishing it up over the next couple of weeks for the show on 24th October with Brascoe.

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Bloody weddings, why do people bother eh! ha ha

Just scrolled down and I've done it again, no date!!!!! What a dunce...

27 Club on 6th November

Remember remember the 6th of November, in Drummonds with funk, soul and hip hop.

Ugly Duckling are playing a Funk Machine night on 7th November which will be badass.

There is the Brascoe show on 24th October which is going to be a belter too.

The final super six show of the year is in the Moorings on 12th December.

If any of the moderators are looking at this, would you be able to put the 6th Nov on title or something for me please?



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Seriously Colin, just give up. Ur never gonna be able to get a gig listing right ever and u've gotta face up to this. ;-)

Got anything in the pipeline for gigs next year yet? I'll be back in town and funk machine night is hopefully gonna be a first stop.

I've got a few irons on the fire. What I'm hoping to do next year is quieten down on the Aberdeen gigs that we're putting on. We're going to focus more on progressing the band playing round the country, probably concentrate on playing with some of the acts that we've brought up to play with us this year.

The groups that we've got in mind for next year will be slightly bigger acts and therefore more expensive. . Unfortunately, as most people in Aberdeen listen to Northsound 1 or Radio 1, they probably won't realise that the acts are actually famous (beyond the overtly mainstream). So as the risk is a lot higher and the fact the monthly cost of bringing up acts is killing my wallet, doing shows every 3 months will be a bit of a relief!

Can't say which acts will be joining us next year yet though! You will just have to wait and be pleasantly surprised!

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Or more like 10ish!! Just had a chat with Hen so we'll have to begin earlier than planned. Was wanting to give the Newcastle boys a little leeway with their getting up here time.

So get in to Drummonds for 10pm to catch Super Six

27 Club on at around 11 ... we'll see if we can get at least half hour buffer with that though.

See you all there

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