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New shirts available now...


S, M, L & XL sizes available - 10 + p&p

We've still got these goodies...

Abscess / Bonesaw split EP - CD & 10" Vinyl

Demo I - Live by the Bone... Die by the Saw - CDR

Demo II - Smack Zombie - CDR

Cloth patches & pin badges


If you'd like any of this stuff, please email me at gaunt_paul@yahoo.co.uk

Coming soon...

'Sawtopsy' LP/CD - Debut full length of grim old school death metal from the northern granite hell of Scotland. This one's at the pressing plant, hopefully ready for the end of Oct/Nov on Aphelion Productions. Cover Art by Chris Reifert (Abscess/Autopsy). Backing vocals splattered on various tracks by the "Butchershop Goretet" which features:

Kam Lee (Mantis/Death/Massacre/Denial Fiend/Bone Gnawer)

Chris Reifert (Death/Autopsy/Doomed/The Ravenous/Abscess...)

Eric Cutler (Autopsy/Funeral/Doomed)

Dave Ingram (Bolt Thrower/Benediction)

Dopi (Machetazo/Dishammer)


Bonesaw / Bone Gnawer split EP - Due for release on 31/10/2009 on Aphelion Productions. Bone Gnawer feature Kam Lee (ex Mantas/Death, Massacre, Denial Fiend) and create raw canniballistic death metal BONE GNAWER {"New song up!"} on MySpace Music - Free Streaming MP3s, Pictures & Music Downloads

Cover Art by Mark Riddick.


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