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Idlewild plus support, November 6th @ Warehouse

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Everyone should bring extra pocket money, they have heaps of amazing merch.

I forgot to bring a jumper to work today, just wore a jacket.

Was freezing in the office so was going to nip to primark and buy a cheap jumper and noticed they had merch set up already and bought a hoody from them - now spending the whole day with my jacket on so they dont think im some kind of stalker thats broken in to the venue.

Had a gander at it - really cool tees, the new album on vinyl, plus limited edition screenprints which are magic.

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Readers and Writers is such a brilliant tune.

Idea Track was a good one, lost count of the amount of times I've seen Idlewild and I've very rarely seen that track live. Also loved Post Electric, and Last Night I Missed All The Fireworks was a total bonus!

Continue to find Sparrow and the Workshop a bit uninspiring. Enjoyed them more than I did with Broken Records, but still a little lacklustre I think.

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