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Brascoe @ Funk Machine, 24th October


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Sat 24th Oct --- Brascoe + SuperSixFunkMachine --- TUNNELS 1 --- Doors 9.30 --- 4

Funk Machine Presents:


Brascoe (New Tracks Up) on MySpace Music - Free Streaming MP3s, Pictures & Music Downloads

A collective like no other, ever evolving. The brainchild of Joe Kehoe (DJ Trex, drum and bass worldwide), Brascoe comprises of Joe, Ella Jones, Eljay, Chilli and Nina Provencal, each bringing their own skills to the table. The sound is fresh: Drum and bass meets soul and hip-hop, music you can MOVE TO AND BE MOVED BY. Working with Jody Street of the Rural, Brascoe are finishing their album at the moment and getting set to start touring, so watch this space!

Coming up all the way from London, We are really looking forward to hearing this electro soul sound live. I've been listening to their myspace frequently since they got in touch and the songs that have been going up have been getting better and better.

Support as ever will come from Super Six Funk Machine. If you haven't seen us yet, I'm confident you will enjoy the music. There should be some new tracks for the regulars too.

Super Six Funk Machine on MySpace Music - Free Streaming MP3s, Pictures & Music Downloads

Funk Machine DJs will keep you funkin into the early hours.

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A-Zi Cool (slight name change) shall be unleasing at least two new tracks to replace two others that have had their day. Not wanting to sound big-headed, but these are two of the best tracks I've put together and they'll definitely get you bouncin.

We'll all look forward to hearing them!

We will have another new tune to air this Saturday too! Need to get some of this shit recorded really soon!

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Trying to think of something more interesting than "Bump this is tomorrow".

Oh yeah, here we go...

Running Times:

10pm - A-Zi Cool

11pm - Super Six Funk Machine

12pm - BRASCOE!!!

These are non-negotiable times so get there for 10 at the latest to see A-Zi Cool

The Brascoe guys will be doing a DJ set after they are finished playing.

I'm really psyched for this show, they guys are coming up from London tonight to see a bit of Aberdeen while there up. Might hit Snafu/Origin later tonight depending on what they're up for.

There is a new Super Six Funk Machine track tomorrow night. It's a 3 part adventure through funk/soul with a big band feel.

Hope you ab-music readers come along to this... 2nd last Funk Machine night of the year so get yourselves along.

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Thanks to everyone who came along to this show on such a rubbish night weather wise. We had a great time as did our guest band Brascoe who were absolutely awesome. As ever Az_I Cool were amazing too. Their new tracks were really good and the wooop wooop wooop sound one was particularly stand out.

Next show is 6th November in Drummonds with the 27 Club from Newcastle.

We are also putting on Ugly Duckling the day after in Tunnels 1. Looking forward to both of these shows!

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