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Ibanez SR 300 DX 4 String Bass + Ritter Bag


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Ibanez SR 300 DX 4 String Bass + Ritter Bag


I'm looking to sell my Ibanez bass guitar. Owned from new and it's been fantastic, to the point I never did upgrade to something more expensive. It's been gathering dust for the last couple of months as I've stopped playing bass and started concentrating on guitar. Need some new tyres for our race car and at 100 a corner I need to free up some pennies :help:

  • Agathis body. Nicely contoured and reasonably light. Very comfortable to play sitting or standing.
  • 3-piece maple neck w/rose wood finger board. Narrow finger board ideal for smaller hands/girls/players who like a fast neck. Feels great in comparison to some the base ball bat-esque necks you find on some bass guitars. My favourite part of the guitar.
  • 24 frets allowing full range of two octaves per string. Nice long scale length for tight punchy sound with standard string gauge.
  • 1 x split 'P' pickup and 1 x single 'J' pickup. 2-band active (9v battery powered)EQ. Great range of sounds available. Phat-control (small knob) will really pile on the bass without ever becoming muddy. This was (and I'm sure still is) one of the best value active basses on the market
  • Chrome hardware
  • Overall condition is good. Structurally sound. I used it a lot so there are a couple of wee marks in the paint, purely aesthetic and the coating is still intact. Rear battery cover currently rocking some tour-spec. black electrical tape as I misplaced the small screws. Given that you can't see this when playing I just kept using the tape, small replacement screws would be easy to source and cost a matter of pennies.
  • Ritter gig bag has 3 large pockets on the front. Two small carry straps as well as two comfortable shoulder straps. Plenty of room for a couple of pedals, leads, notes and tools.


Bass Picture 1

Bass Picture 2

Ritter Bag Picture


Looking for 80 for the Bass & Ritter bag. At this price it's ideal for beginners, as a second back-up bass or a gig bass to save your pride and joy getting damaged.

Payment via Paypal, cheque or cash accepted. Can deliver in and around Aberdeen City/Shire/Angus.

Thanks for looking :up:

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