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X Factor Format = Shit


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Having a wife, kid and another on the way my Saturday nights have somewhat changed and I've started watching X factor.

I understand that there is this format of four groups

1. Boys

2. Girls

3. Groups

4. Over 25's

But from watching boot camp etc etc, all the groups in the group group are complete pish! None of them sound or look particularly good and the only reason the groups are in the groups is not because they can sing, but purely because all the groups have been pish!

So I think its pretty crap that there going to have to send some of the over 25's home to let some of the groups through to the final shows. It should just be the best 12 acts or whatever it is.

They should just split them into 4 groups of anything and each judge is responsible for his members. I.e the judges have a mixture of groups, boys, girls and overs, that way the pish get sent home because they are pish rather than the pish getting through purely because of the lack of talent in the groups

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I'm not disputing whether X factor is shit or not, we all know that its shit but what is extra shit is that they dont filter the best acts properly.

I do like watching cherly cole she is hot!


Just don't watch it min...........then you'll find your blood pressure is a lot lower and you'll feel less stressed oot!

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Here's my suggestion to improve it.

Live executions for the failed contenders.

Once booted out the failed attention seeker is taken round the back of the studio to be met with a firing squad.

One bullet. Right to the heid.

I might watch it then.


Your just still sore from being rejected in 2006!!

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I don't like the way they have to audition in front of an audience now, and with a backing track. It was better when they were just in a room with the judges going acapella. They've made it too much like Britain's Got Talent. That made me not bother watching it this year.

i agree, alot of the mentals cant tell the judges what they think about them anymore, and that was always my favourite part

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Guest Bob Double Jack

x factor sums up all that is wrong with a lot of the younger generation at the moment, and "dream", to win a karoake competition then disappear into obscurity where they belong,after a few heat / closer / now / newspaper covers about their trials and tribualtions etc. i fuckin hate it. i agree with any mention of executions for contestants. they should do a running man / x factor combination film where the losers' heads explode when they get voted out.

i used to like dermot o leary but he is the most patronising cunt on the programme, a real waste of his broadcasting ability.

cheryl cole would get it though.

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