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Two storys i remeber from my childhood which untill i was older i didnt quite get..

When i was like 7 i remeber going out for a walk with my uncle to collect mushrooms....We spent all day looking for these wee things which he informed me he made things with.....Wasn.t untill i was like 15 i realised what the fuck it was we were actually looking for.......

I also remember a time we snuck out to my friends dads shed and we found a box of polaroid pictures in a box of an ugly looking lady all dressed up in sexy undies with really bright make-up on........Was'nt untill a few years after we were at a party and his dad came dressed as a spice girl that we bloody realised that those images we had found were of his dad .....

Both 100% true storys...So got me thinking some of you folks must have some funny "i remember" storys lol...

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