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Looking for a band


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Hey all. Going into second year at RGU and after failing to get a band organised in first year, I'm really starting to miss it.

I'm happy to do vocals or guitar (So longs as it's not uber tech stuff... I'm not that great) or bass (ditto last parenthetical statement). Or if theres a bassist/?guitarist kickin about, I can get the rest of the band together and start something new.

I'm into all sorts. Happy to play tech-metal, hardcore, hardcore punk (very broad genre, so I'm gonna say more on the Evergreen terrace/Comeback kid side of things), metalcore(As I lay dying etc), "screamo" (Fei Comodo, Yashin type stuff), Decent indie/rock kinda stuff (I'm liking editors/ bloc party stuff. Not the fucking kooks or any of that drooling idiocy), powerpop/pop punk (xcerts, twin atlantic kinda stuff) and most anything inbetween. If you're not sure, ask =)

Someone chuck me some offers! Or if you know anyone that's looking to fill said positions, let me know.

Someone? Please?

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