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Yamaha LL 500 Handcrafted Acoustic Guitar


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For sale, my beloved Yamaha handcrafted LL 500 guitar.

It is the top of the line for Yamaha acoustics, hand made in Japan in a small workshop close to the company's headquarters.

The LL body style is Yamahas unique approach to the traditional dreadnought shape. Projecting an impressive volume,

bass and sustain without sacrificing clarity and balance, these instruments are testament to Yamahas dedication to perfecting a

proprietary sound. The real beauty, though, is in the details like the fine fretwork, individually located bridge, and hand-

scalloped bracing that set it apart from even more expensive guitars.

I immediately fell in love with the guitar when I first played it in the shop about ten years ago. Yamaha built this guitar to rival Martin and I can honestly say that there are few guitars priced 3 or 4 times as much that sound so good. This is what the

Harmony Central reviews say:

Yamaha LL500: Harmony Central User Reviews

The tone has just got better and better with age. I'm sure the first person to try this guitar out will buy. Consequently all potential buyers are welcome to contact me in order to arrange a "test drive". The guitar is in very good condition with only 3 small dings

on the lower back end of the soundboard. There are also some very light scratches on the back - probably due to buckle rash.

A couple of years ago I had a luthier fit a Fishman "under-bridge" pickup, so the guitar may be easily amplified if required. Please note that I did not arrange for any on-board "eq" or other electronics to be added in order to preserve the guitar's cosmetics and acoustic properties. Hence, and external pre-amp type device is recommended if you want to regularly play live or amplify. The guitar has never been gigged and comes with a hard shell case.

The full specification of the guitar is as follows:

Body: Unique "LL" Body style

Solid Spruce Top

Solid Rosewood Back and Sides

Mahogany Neck

Rosewood Fretboard

Rosewood Bridge

Abalone Rosette

Ivory Cell

Gloss finish

Color: Natural

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