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Asher Roth


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Has anyone listened to this guy? I played his album on Spotify this morning. The guy can definitely rap, he's got a really loose easy style, and the production on his album is excellent, really funky shit that makes you want to get up and dance.

But in his lyrics he comes across like a middle class, preppy, frat boy twat. All his songs seem to be about getting drunk and stoned at frat parties, shagging college girls and playing Xbox with his beer buddies. Which makes me not like him. It seems to be rap by a rich white college boy, for rich white college boys.

Anyone else listened?

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This is really odd, I got round to listening to his album yesterday on Spotify and did a search on here to see if anyone had mentioned him. Which they hadn't. Now they have. Lovely.

I quite liked his album. Nothing spectacular but there's a few tracks I quite enjoyed. I'll definately give it another listen.

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