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SUNN0))) and OM in Glasgow in Dec


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Sunn O goes beyond the realms of modern music, obviously their records don't have the same effect as going to see them live, I've read that the experience of the low frequency is a very strange, as it effects your whole body not just your ears. so you really have to see them to hear/witness as they actually intended

I haven't seen them but have listened to their records a good few times, i dig the hypnotic element of the sound, I could just be talking pish but i wouldn't mind seeing them to find out if this is just pish or if it is true.

all this winter gigs is seriously fucking me up, theres 3 a want to go to, slayer at barrowlands, killswitch engage and the almighty inflames also at barrowlands and now this!

do i go see these awesome bands and not buy anyone xmas pressies this year?

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The ABC2 gig was good. Three hour drive back to Aberdeen through thick fog was pretty strange after that, very appropriate.

Saw Sunn drench the ABC2 with their tones a few years back. Total caveman ritual horror, walls of bass you could climb. Malefic adding his screech towards the second half sealed the deal.

I look forward to taking this trip again...

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