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HH Electronics VS Musician


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If you want to know about one of the best British amp manufacturers of yesteryear then go and visit MAJ Electronic (who took over service and spares) or Welcome to HH Amplification (for flyers and details/specs).

The VS Musician, VS Musician Reverb, and the VS Bassamp were drawn up in January 1976. Early versions can be identified by having two input jacks on the main channel, in lieu of the single jack plus "Effects Input" DIN fitted on later units. These were a natural progression from the IC range, and demonstrated HH's response to the necessary "Valve Sound" then beng requested by certain factions. These amplifiers all contained a sealed "Tone Correction Module" aka the "Valve Sound Module" which was promoted as the heart of the Valve Sound of these units. Used correctly it actually worked very well. Used incorrectly by the set the controls for the heart of the sun brigade, the transistor power amplfier took over and the subltey was lost. The non reverb VS Musician was produced in small numbers and is now quite collectable.

OPINION: Although the passive EQ tones of the IC I00S are lost in these amps, used correctly the sound is very good, very 70's, and the VS function works very well. The VS Bassamp feeding a good 2 x 15 cab is an absolutely cracking bass sound.. Sorry folks, power and Sub FX is one thing, brilliant sound quality is another... It is also possible that the VS units were featured on Bolans last recordings as they must have been available to him (as an important endorsee and patron) before his untimely death in 1976.

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