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Loophole in Criminal Record Check


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Guest Tam o' Shantie

Some of the tales coming out are really sad as well, I was reading online about a report of a father who was getting dirty looks from people because he took his daughter swimming.

How about the Italian guy in Brazil who got locked up for kissing his own daughter?

BBC NEWS | Americas | Man held after kissing daughter

Judging by the article it would appear that the legal age over there for consential sex is 14 anyway...

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Even as a young-un on here i agree with all of this. Yeah there are bad people out there who want to take pictures of nude children, but why can't a father hold his daughter on the street without getting an odd look? Even young kids these days must be getting these views forced upon them, 7 and 8 year olds fearing that every man who so much as looks their way is perving them up! It's terrible, and you can't blame the media for all of it, it's ignorance caused by a lot more than just news papers, etc, but the parents themselves.

A young-un, eh? Tell me, do you have a nice pink arse and no hair on your balls?

/It's a joke don't call the police...

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Can I just spell out to those of you who can't seem to understand a simple petition the following.

- I am not on the side of branding everyone a paedophile until proven otherwise. It's completely ridiculous I agree.

- I am not saying that I want a big brother state.

However I am saying that I think it's outrageous that there is an inequality in terms of check on foreign workers and UK workers. All employees should be subject to the same checks.

I have a friend who has a drug conviction on his criminal record which may stop him getting certain jobs (whether companies would admit it or not). A foreign worker in the same situation could come here and get that job becuase conviction would not show up.

The inequality is my main point. I didn't realise I need to spell that out, clearly I thought wrong...

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I agree with her. Everyone should be subject to the same laws and checks if they are working in the same country, regardless as to which country they are in. I don't think there is anything discriminatory about that, it's just common sense. I don't think anyone is saying "fuck off back to where you came from" to foreigners, just that there should be equality in UK Employment for everyone.

In practice though it's not a particularly manageable system.

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It can be done, it's just money.

The overseas information service can access criminal records abroad.

The problem is that they might not know where to look. If someone declares that they've been working in Poland for two years (with a seemingly kosher reference) but they were actually locked up in Germany, how would anyone know?

And what about crimes committed by Brits abroad?

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yeah british people abroad is a problem too.

They would know where to look because you have to say where you have lived at in the last 5 or 10 years (I cant remember off the top of my head), so they could check in those countries listed. It doesn't solve the problem completely but it would be better than it is at the moment with no overseas records accessed.

Petition to: impose compulsory checks on overseas workers. | Number10.gov.uk clicky clicky, sign-y sign-y :angel:

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