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Shield Your Eyes + Citizens + Carson Wells | 24th September


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Autumn Jams Collective!

Shield Your Eyes

A return visit to Aberdeen and touring for the release of their second album with a new bassist. Three guys from London who sure do make SOME RACKET. Mesmerising guitar riffs played on anywhere between 3 to 5 strings and a right handed ukelele played left handed. Imagine taking any subtlety away from blues soul and jazz then sticking it through a distortion pedal.

New album 'Shield Em' out soon on Saddam Hussein Records.

shield your eyes on MySpace Music - Free Streaming MP3s, Pictures & Music Downloads


Glasweigan three piece on their first jaunt to our city. Recently have seemed to settled on a sound which suits them - a certain brand of shouty post hardcore with a bit of a math (like Don Cab/Battles edge). Past comparisons to Yaphett Kotto.

CITIZENS on MySpace Music - Free Streaming MP3s, Pictures & Music Downloads

Carson Wells

Reletively new locals who don't really like playing one part for very long and who's music has been compared to Meet Me in St. Louis, Faraquet, Damezumari and Bear vs. Shark.

Carson Wells on MySpace Music - Free Streaming MP3s, Pictures & Music Downloads





Dodgy poster by me...!


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Word Up should most definitely have a place on your setlist.

It would have to be Freak on a Leash. Just to see any one of us attempt the "Korn babble" bit in the middle.


Got The Life, so we could get a good nu-metal bounce on.



All played in Open-D. YAS.

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oh fuck yes,im sure i decided it was my favourite song ever when I heard it, not been able to verify this, will do at the gig

It's called Electric Mandolin!

Been spinning their album a bit and my it's good! One dodgy one that I never listen too, but apart from that spot on!

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I feel bad for the people who actually put effort/skill into posters! That's just a cool picture to be honest, but thanks. Really really excited for this.

People should also come down to Dundee on the following Friday to the balcony bar to see SYE again with added KADDISH and YEAR AT SEA! Both shows will be great!

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