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If you could put on a night of local bands from the past...


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Who would you put on? Let's say you have Moshulu for a night and you can coax any 4 local bands you like out of retirement. Or you can have present bands as well. It's all up to you.

Lucky Rathen Promotions presents:


The Downroads

My Decaying Leg



(I would have also liked The Rebel Jellybeans, Sirius, Point Of Origin and Deadloss Superstar, but you can't have everything)

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The Needles


The Leap


It would have to be the Lemon Tree, or perhaps a magically reconstituted Works rather than Moshulu, though.

Yaas min!

I'd go to that! I'd even waive Strumpets fee!

Me and Helen got together at the start of Strumpet and next week, over a decade on, we're getting married. Mental.

I'd go with:

The Needles (Teenage Bomb/Beat Of The City Vintage)

Maple (3 piece)

The Downroads

The Leap

In the old Drakes.

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Real Shocks

King Liar and the Brutes (will always hold a special place in my heart for singing Ted DiBase's theme)

Small Enclosed Area

Dedalus (first incarnation)

I'd also charge 20 quid, lock the doors after the first band goes on and have a free bar. :) Could only really work in Drakes, but would be bloody good fun.

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It's Matricarians for me now, Cloud.

Graeme.....I'm pretty sure the Oily 7"s I have don't include "All"

I'd like to add APB to my line-up, and Johnny & the Copycats (or their later version, My Dear Watson)...dunno if Buckie is too far away though.

Okay, I'll check...footsteps...rustling....you're right As usual it should probably be said!

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