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Guitar Swap


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Aright folks,

Looking to swap one of my electric guitars for a new electro acoustic 6 or 12 string.

First Guitar - FENDER USA STRAT - Bought this in July of this year and it really is an excellent guitar. Email me for pictures cause i struggle to get pic up on here for some reason - this was the description there was on Ebay. Excellent condition and i have barely used it, one gig.

"Fender USA Strat white Excellent condition. Brilliant guitar, really versatile, just been set-up professionally. Really worth the money! Grab yourself a deal. Comes with free fender hard case."

Second Guitar - Fender Deluxe Mexican Tele

This is the other one which is on offer. Again really great guitar that i don't want to get rid of but am keen to swap it for an acoustic guitar which take my fancy.


Ask me questions and i'll try to help as i realize these descriptions are a bit pants. Both have recent be re strung and as i said are both fantastic guitars.

Speak soon.

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