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3 D Scenes to Savour


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Been reading about Avatar recently and am kinda getting intrigued/ excited. Anyway it had me thinking about what film scenes we've all scene that are gonna look great when they turn them to 3 D. Blowing up the Death Star could be good or maybethe jellyfish scene in Finding Nemo. Can anyone think of a scene with great 3 D potential?:up:

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I am currently awaiting on 3 films/kids stuff in 3d but ive read mixed reviews online

Coraline 3D

Journey to the centre of the earth 3D

Jonas brothers 3D

But online a few places state these are no use for home tv's as you need all dfrent type of 3D glasses....Is this true?....I have a 52" panasonic Viera TV and totally thought that these would be spectacular on my TV...Well all but the devils own Jonas brothers but my 6year old loves them...

3D Glasses i have atm are the ones you get from the cinemas... Real D 3D

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