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Guest Tam o' Shantie

10 Easy Wishes summer tour 2004!

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Guest Tam o' Shantie

7th July 2004 @ 't Schuur, Breendonk* - with 48 Crash, Asimov

9th July 2004 @ Nootuitgang, Edegem* - with 48 Crash, Asimov

10th July 2004 @ Club 9, Koersel* - with 48 Crash, Asimov

11th July 2004 @ Opsenter, Sint-Laureins* - with 48 Crash, Asimov

16th July 2004 @ Burra Hall, Burra** - with Speedway

17th July 2004 @ Yell Hall, Yell**- with Speedway

7th August 2004 @ Kef, Aberdeen - with Captain Everything

15th August 2004 @ The Lockup, Aberdeen - with Tellison

16th August 2004 @ King Tut's, Glasgow - with Tellison, Fickle Public, Carson (TBC)

17th August 2004 - TBC

18th August 2004 @ Bacchus, Kingston - with Tellison

19th August 2004 @ The Attic, Leicester - with Tellison

20th August 2004 @ The Blue and Gold Club, Kings Lynn - with Tellison

21st August 2004 @ The Railway, Winchester - with Tellison

22nd August 2004 @ The Caverns, Exeter - with Tellison

23rd August 2004 @ The Windmill, Brixton - with Tellison, Lucky 13, Mallory


* in Belgium!

** in the Shetland Isles!

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Guest Tam o' Shantie

aye damn right we will, especially i was are stayin at amelia's house and she rocks

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