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converting a bass


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has anyone on here ever converted a right handed guitar/bass into a left handed one?

or does anyone know how difficult this would be?

any advice would be rather handy


In theory all you'd need to do is reverse the nut. In practice, on a 4 in line headstock you'll need new strings (E and A will likely be too short). There may be slight sonic differences with a split pickup being physically the other way round. The headstock will be upside down. The controls will be at the top of the body.

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i dont think these things will be too much of a problem

Controls at the top of the body might get in the way/be moved while playing depending on where your arm rests on the body of the instrument.

In any case, the first few steps on this page give good advice about removing a nut:

How I refret a guitar - Manchester Guitar Tech

Remove it, clear any old glue/gunk out of the slot, flip the nut round and put it back in with a small amount of wood glue - more permanent glues will make more difficult to reverse in the future (like returning it to RH if you come to sell). Restring and the strings will clamp the nut down while the glue dries.

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