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Next Bassment Quiz: BATMAN 31st August

Afro Droid

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Questions were...

Batman The movies 1989-1997

1)Where does Jack Napier met his fate and become the Joker?

A: Gotham Comedy Club

B: Wayne Industries Manufacturing plant

C: Axis Chemical Plant

2)The painting that the Joker spares during his vandalism spree is?

A: Ticains Torture Device

B: Francis Bacon's "Figure with Meat."

C: Picassos Bagdhad

3)Whats is the name of the Jokers rictus-smile inducing chemical?

4)In Batman Returns Christopher Walken's character is named Maximillian Shreck. Schreck is the German word For what?

5)In What year was Batman Forever released?

6)In Batman Returns - When Cat-woman smashes two-bulbs out on the neon sign in her apartment the sign reads what?

7)Complete the line: mistletoe can be deadly if you eat it, ______?

8)What was the name of Robins Motorcycle in Batman and Robin?

A: Bat-bike

B: Red Robin

C: Robin-pod

9)What is Mr Freezes real name?

10)What is the name of Edward Nigma's invention in Batman Forever?

11)What is the correct answer to this riddle?

"We're five little items of every day sort,

you'll find all five of us in 'a tennis court'."

12)Name the Character played by Nicole Kidman.

Batman The Chris Nolan movies

1)Where does Bruce Wayne live in The Dark Knight?

2)Which very valuable and top-secret object is stolen from a Wayne Enterprises cargo ship in Batman Begins?

3)In Batman Begins - Name the corrupt cop that Batman intimidates into informing him about the location where recent drug shipments have been sent?

A: Clench

B: Flass

C: Beat

4)For what specific purpose does Bruce claim that he wants to 'borrow' the survival suit from Lucius Fox in Batman Begins?

5)During Batman's first encounter with Rachel in Batman Begins, what item does he provide to her as evidence to use in the Falcone case?

6)Name the mobster account in The Dark Knight that is captured by Batman in Hong Kong?

A: Lau

B: Lee

C: Tau

7)Complete this line from The Dark Knight: "Oh, by the way, this suit wasnt cheap. ___."

8)In Batman Begins what item does the young Bruce Wayne find on the ground near his home?

9)In Batman Begins Thomas Wayne is the head of a major corporation, he also occupies his time in a separate career in which field?

10)Still with Batman Begins - How long, in years, had Bruce been gone from his home in Gotham City?

A: 3

B: 5

C: 7

11)When Joker has a "change of heart" he explains that Gotham must kill a man in 60 minutes or he will blow up a hospital. What was the name of the man Joker wanted dead?

12)What name is used at the end of The Dark Knight, to shut off the cell phone signals?

Batman - The Comics

1)What pivotal event in Batmans life occurred in the story "The Case of the Chemical Syndicate"?

A: He made his first appearance in comic books

B: Bane Broke his back

C: He had his first meeting with the The Joker

2)Name Ras Al Guls daughter.

3)What do Jean Paul Valley and Terry McGinnis have in common?

4)When Dick Grayson became Nightwing which town did he move to to fight crime

A: Coast City

B: Metropolis

C: Bludhaven

5)Who created Batman?

6)Who is the author of the popular comic book "The Long Halloween"?

7)At the end of the 'Death in the Family' story-arc that Jason Todd was brutally beaten with a crowbar and then left to die with his birth mother. Readers were given the choice whether or not he would survive. By what margin did they vote for him to die?

A: 1-50

B: 51-100

C: 101-150

8)Name Bruce Waynes son.

9)Frank Miller and Jim Lee recently collaborated in which critically-panned series?

10)What is Bruce Waynes gangster alter-ego who uses to gather information?

11)Who killed Bruce Wayne's parents in the original "Batman" comics?

12)In what year did the Joker make his comics debut?

A: 1938

B: 1939

C: 1940

Batman Behind the scenes

1)Name the three actors that have played Harvey Dent point for each.

2)Arkham, as in Arkham Asylum is a reference to the work of which horror author?

3)In "Batman: The Animated Series" who plays the voice of the Joker?

4)True or False: Marilyn Manson was considered for the role of Scarecrow in Batman Begins?

5)Which actor convincingly portrays Carmine Falcone in the Chris Nolan movies?

6)The first Tim Burton Batman was the first Batman film to win an Oscar what is the other?

7)True or False: Christian Bale lost his voice five times during filming after altering his voice while playing Batman.

8)Which Batman movie was the first to use the current DC logo

9)True or False: Christian Bale had previously screen tested and was considered for the role of Robin in Batman Forever,

10)Which is the only Batman film not to feature Bruce Wayne in a tux?

11)In what year was Frank Millers seminal Dark Knight Returns published?

A: 1986

B: 1991

C: 1997

12)What did Tim Burtons first Batman film gross in its opening weekend?

A: $29.8 million

B: $43.6 million

C: $57.3 million

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