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60gb PS3 For Sale


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as title fully boxed 60 gb ps3 for sale i have a number of games you can choose what you want comes with 3 controllers and all leads.

looking for 220 for console and if you want any of my extra stuff we can work out how much i can let it go for.

these are the games im not willing to sell the games seperatly until the console is gone


Killzone 2


Motorstorm acific Rift

NBA09 The Inside

Uncharted Drakes Fortune

Infamous:special edition


Metal Gear Solid 4

Ferrari Challenge

Gran Turismo 5 Prologue

Resistance Fall of Man

Resistnce 2

Heavenly Sword


Call Of Duty: Modern Warfare

Guitar Hero 3

Fallout 3

Saints Row 2

TNA: Impact

Blitz the league 2

Colin Mcrae Dirt

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yea well i just logged onto amazon typed in 60gb ps3 and thats the price that came up so.... cant say much fairer than that my friend, also its true that the 60gb launch console is highly sought after these days with the extra "fo shizzles" and what not that were taken out of the later consoles

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He'll easy get more than 220 for a 60gb PS3 on ebay as long as it's in good condition, despite of the price drop on the later models (which don't have SACD playback, card readers, 4 USB sockets and PS2 games playback).

Why on earth did Sony cripple the later models so badly? Fair enough, they did it with the PS2 as well, but you'd tink they would've learnt from their lesson?

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