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Sennheiser In-Ear Monitor System EW300 IEM


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Sennheiser Evolution Wireless In-Ear Monitor System EW300 IEM

I have a sennheiser in ear monitor system for sale its a EW300 generation 1. I originally bought it in R+B's for 500, I don't have the original ear pieces, but in any case you probably would would want to buy new ones to go with it - any normal ear pieces work with it, as well as the specific Sennheiser ones.

There is a few minor surface scratches on the transmitter box, but in perfect working order.

What I have includes:

1 x Body pack reciever

1 x Stereo Transmitter

1 x Sennheiser AC Adaptor

1 x Instruction Manual

PM me an offer if interested.

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