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gigs in august

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what gigs is there in August in Aberdeen? I know of Karloff and The Dangerfields on aug 13th and Broken Sunshine @ Kef on 20th....anythin else comin up (for inclusion in next months Fly magazine)

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Aconite Thrill * Shouting Myke

Firstborn * Days In December

Small Enclosed Area

The Fall Of Boss Koala

The 44s * The X-Certs

My Mind's Weapon * Allergo

Doors 1pm - 10pm

Tickets on sale now 7


OVER 14s

9 Hrs of music and 10 bands for 7

Friday 13th August

Moshulu, Windmill Brae


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09/08/04 - Fighting Shit / Filthpact / Eat Yer Greens - Dr Drakes, Aberdeen - 4, 8pm.

Fighting Shit are from Iceland and play fast thrashy hardcore - www.fightingshit.tk

Fighting Shit - Tuned for thrash - Review from Slug & Lettuce -

Thrash Indeed!!! The drums on this are to be heard to belived!! Near grindcore fast from start to finish, but while grind gets boring in a hurry, Fighting Shit are anything but boring. Layers upon layers of guitars playing intricate (and interesting) parts. Venomous vocals, with insightful (if idealistic) explanations to go with them... this shit will remove your head from its shoulders. and drop kick it to kingdom come before you know what has happened. Tough as nails, but not an ounce of pretense to be found anywhere on tis disc, just honest down your throat hardcore.. and I totally love it. If you only get one record this year.. get this one.

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interesting music promotions

present an evening of the best improvised music

Sun 8th Aug 04

Dr Drakes 8pm


Colditz (BBC R3 Mixing It favs) (creeping bent & psychiatric records)

Optimum Dose (ex Delicate AWOL)



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