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drummer wanted for 'hardcore band'


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in the vein of, cut the shit, suicide file, the rites, negative approach, although if you like any of these bands then it'd probably be cool too...

english/uk/us/aussie punk/pop circa 60's onwards, hardcore/garage/indie punk from the 80's onwards, some hip-hop.. the adolescents, g.g. allin and the jabbers, the germs, regulations, cut the shit, the rites, the 86 mentality, the bad brains, no justice, negative approach, carry on, alkaline trio, weakerthans, saves the day, the mountain goats, minor threat, metros, estranged, black flag, the reatards, justice, strokes, mono men, zero boys, shitty limits, no warning, loud and clear, neutral milk hotel, radio birdman, career suicide, vitamin x, dean dirg, skrewdriver, dead stop, wire, modern life is war, crash the pose, shark attack, the vicious, fighting shit, minor threat, the kids, youth of today, warzone.

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