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Hey Guys,

I'm part of LimeBits, a free, open-source collaborative website platform for making, sharing and hosting sites. We are reaching out to individuals in the music event industry that are interested in our project and might have input on how LimeBits can be a part of the event organizing community.

LimeBits simplifies the process of putting up a cool and effective website without the hassle building a site from scratch. How? LimeBits lets users just copy an existing site on our platform, modify it for their own purposes, and use the modified site as their own!

The PartySites section of LimeBits allows artists, promoters and planners to create a unique and creative online presence and build a community for every event, venue or project that they are involved in. Event coordinators, organizing teams, and event attendees can build a website on various aspects of your event, including invitations, pre- and post-event PR, blogging, photos from the event, etc, and link it to any existing websites they have.

At this point LimeBits is in early development; our aim is to forge relationships and obtain advice and input from individuals in the event industry. We would like you to help us tailor LimeBits' functionality for your needs. We'd love to hear any feedback from you guys on the sites or any requests on features you would like to see.

Check out the LimeBits Facebook Page and Twitter for new updates and information. Thanks for your time. We look forward to hearing from all of you.



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