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Lost Handbag


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I was in the Moorings and Korova last night and I have lost my handbag :( Does anyone remember seeing it or have it? It's a black leather Jasper Conran bag with gold bits on. It has some money, my phone, provisional license, hairspray etc etc in it. You can't use my phone as it has a pin on it. Not too fussed about the other shit, just really need my phone.



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Care to elaborate? I did realise everyone seemed to be a bit rowdy. The guy who hit me didn't seem like a regular.

far too much happend last night

firstly earlier in the night a saw a woman giving birth in the middle of the street

almost got in a carcrash on the way to korova

almost slipped 3 or 4 times on the floor outside the toilets then i did fall over when a pit broke out and wiped me clean out spilling a full pint over myself

i broke my fone

i droppped my takeaway about 3 chips after buying it and got in a text fight with my flatmate over supernoodles


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