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Viking skull @ the tunnels

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There are actually 4 bands on the bill tonight.

Viking Skull, Thrashist Regime, Downfall and a touring band The Morning After.

The supports last night got 30 minutes or so and Viking Skull played for just over an hour.

Doors on the poster say 7 and the tunnels website 8 so its abit confusing!!! ?(

Hope that helps

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Fuckin ace gig.

Thrashist Regime were good. Gone off thrash personally but they are a tight band, and who doesn't love a song about Universal Soldier!

Downfall played a blinder, to be that tight for Sandy's first gig with them was ace.

The Morning After - WTF? Nice beatdowns though.

Viking Skull are fucking ace, there are no more words, that band are amazing.

Good gig, hope they play here again.

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I actually ended up enjoying this gig on the whole. My metal genre knowledge and reference points are fairly limited but anyway here's my thoughts -

Thrashist Regime - A singer with apparent ADD, songs about films (Universal Soldier, The Thing), three part concepts about Spiderman comic book characters and the pub in Auchenblae exploding - they don't take themselves too seriously which is good but I found myself being fed up towards the end, think about 2 or 3 songs less would have done me. The bass player's metal tache is ill advised. I didn't hate them though. In fact kicking off with a version of the 'Escape From New York' theme gained lots of points.

Downfall - Enjoyed them, some really good songs. My only gripe was the continual 'Rooooarrggghhh' noises that the singer made at the conclusion of lines and randomly throughout songs. It's silly and adds nothing to the songs, the guy actually has a good voice and for me it detracted from their overall impact. They seemed reminiscent of early Alice in Chains or something. Sort out the daft vocal bits and there is a decent band there.

The Morning After - Godawful. Proof that some metal bands have either never seen Spinal Tap or have missed the point of it. Or just don't care I suppose. Really, really bad. And the green laser show they decided to perch on top of an amp continually seared my retinas so adding fuel to my ire. The guitarist made full use of his wireless set up to have a little run up top to play his widdly solo up close and personal. I just wished I had a bazooka.

Viking Skull - Really, really good. Nice throaty Lemmy/Neil Fallon-style vocals and good crunchy tunes.

Minus points were the fact that I ended up working late and my train home was delayed so I just stayed in town to meet my mate and had to attend the gig in my work gear. Also there was too much hair flying around down the front and I had no desire to receive hair of dubious cleanliness caressing my face so I hovered up top and ended up with some wacky couple in front of me playfighting through most of Viking Skull.

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