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New drummer and bassist/guitarist


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Afternoon folks,

Following the demise of my previous band, Static in the City, I'm looking to get together with a new drummer and bassist/guitarist to continue on with some of the old songs and new material that I've been writing (I was the singer and guitarist in Static).

Style - Upbeat, poppy/indie/rock stuff - also with some slower songs mixed in.

Statics were pretty well received, radio play and we got to the T-break finals so I'm hoping that a new set-up might help me push on with the material.

Age is reasonably irrelevent but I'm 28 so something around that could be best.

Send me a PM if you're interested. Cheers.

Edit - If anyone would like to hear some of the songs then give me a PM and I can email mp3s or direct you to a myspace.

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