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Vocal PA advice


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Hello folks.

I was wondering if anyone had some handy advice for using a PA during band practice for lead vocals to maximum effectiveness? Ignoring mic technique for the moment (that's up to me innit) i would just like to know what settings are typical and what effects to use and how to apply them.

My vocals do not seem to come through very well and i know that it's, at least partly, to do with my noob skills with the PA. I'm never happy with how it sounds and it's no fun for anyone watching me dick around with settings and wasting rehearsal time.

We play indie-ish rock with loud chords.

Can anyone help?

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Christ im the same with PA's, sometimes i can find a kick ass setting though

i generally just have about low - 3, Mid- 5, High - 7/8, whack on wads of reverb ( akin to my vocal style ) sometimes if the PA is gash tho ill boost the low ends a bit higher.

generally though i dont know what the fuck im doing though, so all that above was just a huge waste of time writing really.

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Where are you rehearsing and what system are you using? From my experience with bands rehearsing at Toms (and myself rehearsing) it helps loads if everyone just turns the hell down :p


Not only will it damage your ears less. You will actaully get greater vocal clarity through your microphone as you wont be picking up everyone else in the room to the same extent.

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Being in the rehearsal room should always be treated like you are playing on stage - if you are serious about gigging. If you can't hear shit in the rehearsal room what chance do you have to hear things on a stage? Monitors only do so much - no matter how many valves you have in your amp.

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