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Feeler: Ashdown MAG amp/cabs Immaculate Beast


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I'm putting out a feeler here for a possible sale of a 5 month old (gigged 5 times) Ashdown bass rig consisting of MAG 307W EVO II head, MAG deep 2x10 and deep 1x15 cabs. No damage, virtually as new.

Built in variable compression, variable sub-harmonic generator (killer), 5-band eq, input level meter (very handy), effects loop, tuner out and post-eq DI out.

Most importantly, the whole shooting match fits nicely into the back of an Astra hatchback (OK, with the parcel shelf removed...yeh OK, and the back seats sitting vertically rather then slightly reclined) which means I can transport the whole thing, two basses and big kit bag in the back of the car and leave plenty room in the front for whichever groupie needs a lift home after the gig (haven't actually found one of those yet, but there's a seat there if it ever happens).

All units are black carpet covered, so they don't rip when being dragged in and out of places (not that they ever have) and the corners on all three boxes have protectors fitted. It has had to compete with a 2 guitars + drums setup and manages beautifully with headroom to spare. The head can be used with one of the cabs at 8 ohms (recommend the 2x10) for smaller, more intimate affairs or practice (so less to carry around on those occasions). Each cab is liftable by one person out of the car, on the flat and into the venue. I can manage downstairs with them, but prefer another body if going upstairs (but I'm a bit of a wimp, and not as young as I used to be).

The sale would not include the amp/cab connectors as I would retain them for use with whatever I replace this with (so the buyer would have to supply their own - but don't use guitar leads kids!!). Jack out of the amp and either jack or speakons on the cabs. Am currently looking at stupidly expensive gear, so if I get an offer which helps fund the new stuff then I will sell.

I am looking at getting as close to 500 quid as I can for this lot, but obviously am open to offers. Please feel free to ask any questions here (so everyone can see the answers) but please PM me with any offers, let's not haggle in public - so un-dignified.

Here are some pics of the beast.....







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