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FTP problems. Help!

Johnny Mac

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I've been updating a website for a former boss and i'm looking to upload it and replace the old site.

If I am uploading a new file it works no problems. However....

I tried to replace the favicon.ico file in the root folder and got the following error:

550 Cannot STOR. No permission.

: /wwwroot/site/favicon.ico

This also happens when I try and replace any other files.

I also can't delete any old files that are not needed and get a similar error message:

550 Cannot DELE. No permission.

: /wwwroot/site/mapOLD.htm

Any ideas??????

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550 Cannot STOR is an access problem, eith you don't have the rights to do what you were trying to do, or the file is in use. Being a favicon, it is always going to be in use so I would say the guy is dicking you about and hasn't given you proper access rights.

I'll see if I can figure out what else could be causing it.


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