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wanted PA system

dave shark

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The Peavey mixer amps are OK. If the chap's price is keen, it would be a good starting point.

I would invest in some decent speakers.

Need a budget, so I can mix 'n match to suit.

For perspective, I just did an old but serviceable Peavey 600 and a clean pair of Eurosys 1x15 + horn for 250 excl cables.

Plenty for practice room and pub gigs.

Next step up would be a pair of Peavey Hisys, Impulse 200s or 500s as the speakers, depending on music and vocal style.

Up from that would be a better mixer/amp setup.

I also have a pair of YAmaha 250w/side powered cabs - amazingly clear and musical. Put those with a 'right price' Mackie mixer and wow! if they are loud enough.

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