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Boxing dvd's


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I'll do a list in a wee while and see what you think.

Actually it was the most prized possessions thread that inspired me to shift 'em as it reminded me of my trip to the Benn v McClellan fight in London. Good times for middle and super middleweights back then.

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Hector Camacho (6 discs) 13 fights

Sparring Collection (one disc) featuring Jones jnr, Scully, Mosley, Chavez, Hernandez, de la Hoya, Benn, Duran, Toney, Hearns.

Tyson (11 discs) 44 fights and 5 documentaries

Mosley v Vargas x 2, de la Hoya v Mayorga (one disc)

Mosley v Collazo, Harris v Lazanco (one disc)

Calzaghe v Kessler (genuine dvd)

Urango v Hatton (one disc)

Cotto v Margarito, Sequra v Canchilla (one disc)

The Contender Series One (two discs)

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