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The Rabbit Theory + Kaddish + tbc @ The Tunnels, Friday 28th August

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Autumn Jams Present

The Rabbit Theory


No idea what the names about but these swiss guys have some lovely emo jams.

Im shite at descriptions so listen for yourself-http://www.myspace.com/rabbittheory


Amazing screamo from Dundee.Dont get up here too often and new material had both our jaws dropping when we heard it.Not to be missed.

Kaddish on MySpace Music - Free Streaming MP3s, Pictures & Music Downloads

Local supports tbc

28th aug

@The Tunnels


Poster to follow

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Yeah! Kaddish are totally great and like Dave says their new stuff is totally great. You can download Seven Songs off a zine somewhere. There's a link in their myspace blogs.

The Rabbit Theory seem like top blokes and have some really good tunes.

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very the van pelt / sinaloa at times.

true! I like the more driving parts too in amongst the kinda more straight forward emo parts. think this will be a lot better live. the recordings are ok, but seem like the recordings were done really quietly or something or the drums are too quiet, theres something up, maybe its just me.

hopefully dave can get some distro swag off of them :)

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