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For Sale: Blackstar HT-Dual Pedal


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I've decided to sell my Blackstar HT-Dual 2 channel distortion pedal. I bought it last year in order to try and beef up my sound, and it did the job. But I simply don't use it anymore. It is very flexible, can go from slightly crunchy blues tone to full on high gain metal. The manufacturer page is here Blackstar Amplification - HT-DUAL

After a quick google search the going price online seems to be about 150 quid, mine is in damn near perfect condition and I reckon I can even find the box and instruction manual for it, so the starting price will be 70. I will be open to negotiation, especially if you can find it for less than 150 online. Comes with the mandatory power supply. If your interested just reply to this thread or PM me. Either way works.

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