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Hi folks am having another clearout so have got more stuff to sell.

Gibson SG special, black, Mint condition with hardcase - 350.

Frettless Gibson grabber bass, refinished in blue, 1976, good condition, rare, 175.

Fender USA jazz bass, 1996, candycola, rosewood fretboard, has 50th anniversary hologram sticker on back of headstock, has genuine fender bridge cover fitted but can easily be removed. Fender hardcase and new unopened badass 3 bridge to fit bass with no mods required. Mint condition - 450.

Marshall mg102fx 2x12 100watt guitar amp, was delivered on monday 8th june so little over a month old, was used once in a rehearsal at captain toms and then band split up! All factory presets are untouched and is exactly the way it came out of the box. brand new condition. Also comes with the additional four switch stompware foot controller to store presets and access tuner etc.

Amp was 309, footswitch was 40, I can print off reciepts to prove date of purchase/delivery if required. it was ordered in april but as it is a brand new line of amps it took 2 months to arrive!

250 the lot!

Pearl export 7 piece drum kit, 22" bass , 8" 10" 13" 14" hanging toms 16" floor tom and 14" premier maple snare. very good condition, wine red, comes with the four tom arms required, a double tom stand, snare stand and pedal. 200!!!

As before txt or call my mobile on 07729028473 as I have limited net access.


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