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Death Metal Band!!!


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Ok so maybe I am a 16 year old looking for a death metal band? Bet you think ive got a br00tal haircut,tight jeans, a high voice and loves the deathcore scene.

I eat kids like that for breakfast:swearing:

I want some change, sure i may listen to the occasional metalcore band or thrash metal band.really Im an all round music guy. but really volume and a passion for music makes me tick.

yeah I want to form a death/brutal death metal band, because lifes more interesting like that K? also it sends a meaning to life and to do something against the deathcore scene. so im looking for a drummer a bassist and a singer. it doesnt matter if your older than me. yeah you preobably guessed that im the guitarist, ill be uploading some shit onto youtube to show my skills, so keep a look out k?

If your really serious about joining email me at jackstollery2443@googlemail.com

or give me a ring on 01467 651 325 :up:

K thats all se ya then :gringo:

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