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A song for the Dons


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Money, Money, Money by Abba?

I'm sure you've all got some great suggestions.....

It has been a source of debate amongst Aberdeen fans for years - what tune should AFC run out to?!

Many clubs have their own easily identifiable specific anthem that they can call their own - Hibs with Sunshine on Leith.........United with Beautiful Sunday.............Rangers and that Tina Turner song, etc, etc........... But the Dons don't.

So what should the tune be?

AFC have team up with their official Radio Partners Northsound to offer supporters the chance to have their say and once and for all vote for a tune.

Should be it be a tune that relates to the Aberdeen area such at the Northern Lights, Should it be something up beat that is going to give the players a lift such as the theme from Local Hero (which don't forget was filmed in Aberdeenshire!), should it be a classical tune like Carmen Birhana (Old Spice ad to you and me!), should it be a current song? (Just don't pick anything by the Saturdays, ok? We can only hear the tune, not see it...)

It is up to you!

Email in your suggestions on the Northsound website by clicking here.

We will then have a poll with a shortlist of the most popular nominations on RedWeb and northsound.co.uk to allow the Red Army to choose the song Aberdeen will run out to during the 2009/10 campaign!

Let's pick a rousing anthem to accompany to (sic) boys onto the Pittodrie pitch!

Aberdeen | News and Features | Club News | Club News | Name that tune!

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It really doesn't matter what song they play, everything that is played through the sound system at pittodrie sounds like white noise anyway.

True that and I don't imagine that a new tanoy system is at the top of the shopping list. Maybe each player can choose their own song and just run out wearing massive sets of earphones attached to their iPods, as is the fashion amongst footballers these days.

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Thought they did this a few years ago and they picked that Barry White song?

They used to play the A Team theme, not sure if they timed it and stuff but they kept the drum beat going until the team came out then it launched into the "dun-da-dun daaaaa" bit. That worked quite well.

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I quite like us running out to "Seven Nation Army".

The year Fraserburgh won the Highland League they ran out to "Jump" by Van Halen at every home match. That was fucking EPIC.

Hmmm, Daaa, Da Da-Da, Da -Daaaaaa Da (Seven Nation Army) is chanted at football grounds throughout the world. Something original and fitting to the club would be good. Maybe something with an Aberdeen connection.....like Why? by Annie Lennox or.......a Shamen song......or a Driveblind number........

Would be chuffed with Jump though.

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The Undertones - Jimmy Jimmy

Radiohead - Nude

"Don't get any big ideas

They're not going to happen"

And I'd like to steal this little piece of Germanic heaven from Hertha Berlin:

Basically, anything totally inappropriate sounds good to me. The "duelling banjos" theme from Deliverance might be pretty raucous.

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Something inapproriate... and possibly ironic? SInce they won't be winning the league how about Bow Down by Born of Osiris...? Chanting 'Fucking bow down' to Gers fans would be funny.

YouTube - Born Of Osiris- Bow Down

Oh yeah be prepared for some growly metal. If you don't like the sound of that don't open!

In light of the weather I also suggest It's Not Safe to Swim Today by Veil of Maya :p

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