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Mesa Subway Rocket Reverb


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Great wee combo.

Great condition.

Orig cover.

500 money and collected - Edinburgh.

525 money and delivered, or paypal and collected.

550 paypal and delivered.

Here's the manual:

Download Mesa/Boogie Subway Rocket User's Manual

Here's the Harmony Central gubbins:

Mesa/Boogie Subway Rocket Reverb: Harmony Central User Reviews

Can't find any relevant youtube bits for samples, but it is plenty and cuts through nicely.

Completely great wee thing, but no band, no gigs, no studio work = gathering dust.

Happy to answer questions.

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Guest idol_wild

I may be very interested in this, should I successfully sell my Telecaster. I'm moving to Edinburgh next weekend too, so I could pick it up.

Out of curiosity, what wattage is this amp? 20w?

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