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Aberdeen-Music Fantasy Football League


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Since the one a couple of seasons ago (or was it last season?) was quite succesful, I have set up another Aberdeen-Music Fantasy Football League.

Pick your team etc. at fantasy.premierleague.com and there are 2 leagues to join:

315897-78125 for a classic "most points wins" league.


315897-78132 for a "head to head" league. Basically every week you play against another team, and whoever's team scores the most gets 3 points, or 1 point for a draw. With 3 games to go in the season, the top 8 teams go into a knockout cup.

Will you be Alex Ferguson or Alan Shearer? Time to sort the men out from the boys....

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Rathen Rovers mk II


I took the risky strategy of putting a cheap diddy on the bench (Nigel Quashie) on the thinking that he's bottom of my subs list and won't play anyway, thus freeing up valuable cash to sign decent strikers and a keeper. Still not convinced by my front line, not sure if it pays to have "big 4" players at the back and thus not conceding, or up front and rattling in goals. Depends on which gets you more points I suppose. I think walcott in midfield is a good shout, as I think you get extra points for your midfielders scoring and he will definitely be in the goals. Tim Cahill as captain because your captain gets double points, and Cahill scores for fun.

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I found various tactics worked a treat last season at different times, but the real key to this game is working the free transfers and being jammy enough to have the guy that scores a hat trick as your captain.

Or Arshavin when he scores 4! I did have Vidic as my captain during Man U's epic spell of clean sheets last season tho, which is worth 12 points a week, and I had Lampard for a bit as well, who would sometimes only earn 2 points for playing one week, then score 1, set up 2 and get man of the match the next week and be worth 30 odd points as a captain.

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