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Telecaster, Jazz Bass+More


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Hey all,

Selling an American Deluxe Telecaster with S1 switching in mint condition as I hardly play it any more and my parents are on my back to clear out the my bedroom at home as I no longer live there. Listed this about a year ago on here but didn't get any serious offers so kept it but I wont have space for it soon.

Specs can be found here Fender American Deluxe Telecaster (GAK)

I've had this guitar for around 5 years (bought it new from Sound Control Glasgow), light home use, it's never been gigged and so is in pretty much new condition. I'm very careful with my instruments so you can be assured that it's in very good nick.

Comes with a Fender hard case and strap locks.


IMG_0064Medium.jpg picture by Skamikazee - Photobucket

IMG_0058Medium.jpg picture by Skamikazee - Photobucket

IMG_0057Medium.jpg picture by Skamikazee - Photobucket

IMG_0055Medium.jpg picture by Skamikazee - Photobucket

If you want other pics just ask.

Looking for around 700 (On GAK it is around 1100 with this finish)

I'm also selling the following because I have no room for them:

Squier Vintage Modified Jazz Bass, bought 1-2 years ago from Sound Control Glasgow, light home use, comes with gig bag. Squier Vintage Modified Jazz (GAK)

Looking for 150, there are rave reviews for these all over the net, plays a lot better than the price/brand suggests.

Marshall MG100DFX combo with foot switch. Only used at home, looking for 100.

Vox AD15VT combo. Lots of built in effects and amp sounds. This was my amp when I was in halls of residence. Did the job well, small enough and fun to play around with. Looking for 70

Faith Saturn Acoustic guitar. Bought a few years ago from RnB. Light home use. After doing a bit of research online I've found out that they've brought out a new version of this with ebony tuners and other changes. Please note, this is the older version. I'm trying to find a list of specs but it was an impulse buy (played it in the shop and loved it) and I can't remember the model number. I'll put some photos of it up shortly. Open to reasonable offers, comes with Faith soft gig bag.

Jim Dunlop Crybaby Wah pedal. Light home use, looking for 25 (Power supply not included)

MXR Distortion + pedal MXR M-104 Distortion+ (GAK) Awesome warm sound when paired with my Tele. Looking for 40 (Power supply not included).

Boss DS-1 Boss DS-1 with FREE 10ft Venom Lead !! (GAK) 20 (Power Supply not included).

Buy 2 or more of the pedals and I'll throw in a multiple pedal power supply for free.

This post may be updated with some more stuff later, finding it hard to let some of my gear go. Some non musical stuff is on the way too.

Any questions just ask here or PM me.

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