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Bristol alt folkies touring - can anyone host a house gig?


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Were three Bristol songwriters, all with new albums, squeezing into an undersized car to tour some of the UK from mid-October to early Nov.

We need gigs and hoping some people out there might help We want to bypass typical gig venues with hairy security and stale peanuts and instead play house concerts wherever possible.

Weve done this kind of thing before and its been really fun and generally not very hard for the person hosting to arrange. Were all acoustic musicians who dont necessarily need a PA or a rider with 10 bottles of Jack Daniels. A room and some chairs will do. Were just nice people with good songs and a thirst to play for new audiences.

A press release with more info is here: http://tiny.cc/sleepinghorse

Please drop us a line with any ideas. Will also play other spaces like cafes, shops, galleries etc. and will help with promotion in any way we can. (Any musicians interested in helping we could put you on in Bristol sometime in exchange.)


Dan 07954 153704

Many thanks


A head-on country-folk collision with the Kinks on the car stereo and Nick Cave weeping in the ambulance.



Superb guitarist with lyrical toes dipped in several abstract puddles; like If John Fahey could be bothered to sing.



A beat mix of Violent Femmes, Velvets and leftfield folk; releasing new album Punk Folk Disco.



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